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A highly trusted private label & OEM entity in Yoga,
Meditation and Acupressure Equipment

For years, we have been committed to complete health and wellness, physical and mental, and not only for ourselves, but for the entire humanity. That is why, in the year 1999, we established Accessory Arcade, to design, develop and produce exceptionally high quality functional props in Yoga, Meditation and Acupressure to the already established and yet to be established brands across the globe.

The past two decades have been turbulent across the world - protests, violence, bloodshed, mass migrations, unpredicted climate variations, and now a pandemic in the form of COVID 19. We live in a world that is crowded and frustrating. At Accessory Arcade, we truly believe that through meditation, a new space opens to the path of self-realization that leads ultimately to enlightenment. The Buddha had trodden this path twenty-five hundred years ago and his teachings are all the more relevant today. In our own humble way, we try to alleviate human suffering by offering a host of functional meditation props so that people can practice meditation effortlessly.

Ours was a humble beginning - a tiny manufacturing unit with limited resources. But, we never let go the values we cherished and nourished. The Dutch Foreign Affairs Ministry arm - CBI, The Hague, NL - changed the way we conduct our export business through their export coaching initiatives. We owe our success to many individuals and organisations from different countries.

We have built a dedicated team over these years to conceptualise, design, source, develop and deliver modern props that meet EU standards. Our employees are the strength of our firm with their unwavering professionalism. Also, we realise the fact that employees can make or break the fortunes of any company.

In order to support the growth of sustainable practices in the textile value chain, we have applied and obtained the certification for OCS (Organic Content Standard) from Textile Exchange, USA. Transaction Certificates are issued pertaining to either Organic content or blended standards. We are in the business of spreading peace, happiness and Harmony!