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The oldest surviving piece of cotton fabric was handwoven 3,000 years ago in India, the birthplace of cotton. No wonder, why we blended indigenous craft techniques with contemporary designs to bring aesthetic and affordable Yoga and Meditation props to the Western world. BKS Iyengar showed the path for us.

From a sketch, to a model, to a sample, to the final product- We prototype your new ideas before you decide on the final product. Depending on your needs, we develop new graphics or products that fit within your marketing plan. Our highly skilled development team has the requisite skills to ensure your success. We know how to translate your designs into best-selling product programs.

A decade ago, I had a chance meeting with a Dutch lady at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. She had a lot of ideas on acupressure mats and wanted some unique mats to be developed using Thermal Fusing Technology. Six months later, we did build a special purpose machine from scratch for the first time in India. Rest is history. Today, we are considered best among the spike mat manufacturers in the world. The challenges our clients bring to us every day make us a better company.

A lot of importance is given on testing. Any potential safety hazards, functional issues, poor durability, substandard parts & materials are tested before the product reaches you. Perhaps, We are the only Yoga prop manufacturer in the globe who resort to in house testing of ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Thermofisher Scientific ( USA) Xray Flouroscence Analyser XL2 980 plus is used in screening toxic heavy metals ( Pb, Hg, Cd Cr, As) present in all our products.